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Monday, February 22, 2010


Don't you just love that word? You don't hear it much but I think it is such a funny word. Sometimes I get excited about a word. They just strike me in a different way. Sometimes it's how the word sounds, sometimes the meaning, and other times how a certain person says it. Like "pocket." It is such an ordinary word but some people say it really neat and there's also the little hint of mystery of what's in that pocket?

Well, back to gobsmacked. That's what I was when I wrote about my computer woes and received a comment from Brian at Qwest. They must have some search thingy that watches for people who write about their company so they can do damage control or whatever. But he actually read my post and commented on things other than my problems. I just sent him an email so I'll be curious what he has to add.

I do have the problems solved with the desktop but I still have issues getting my wireless to work on the laptops. Mostly, just haven't had time to work them out. Qwest has been really helpful but there is a big communication gap in that I don't know enough computer talk to really answer their questions. Frustration on both sides.

So today one of my goals is to get that issue resolved. I also have to write my article for the "Tombstone Times," work on a handout for a talk I'm doing at ASU on writing memoirs, and maybe go shopping a bit. My treat for getting these things done.

How can you treat yourself for a job well done?

Have a great day!